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How to make your bedroom look luxurious

10 ways to make a bedroom more luxurious

Our bedrooms stand as one of the most intimate corners within our homes —a sanctuary where we unwind and rejuvenate. With its purpose in mind, it deserves our utmost consideration. So how can we make our bedrooms look more luxurious? Before deep diving into transforming your bedroom, consider these insightful tips to elevate your bedroom into a realm of pure luxury.

1. Accessorise with a rug: Enhancing your bedroom with textures adds warmth to your sleeping space, especially if you have hard flooring. This is a simple yet effective method to enhance its overall style. Whether your preference leans towards florals or more subtle designs such as jute, the inclusion of a stylish rug can effortlessly unify your bedroom’s aesthetic.

2. Accentuate with Art: Exhibit artwork to express your unique style. Showcase a striking piece, whether it’s a sculpture, photograph, or vibrant painting. While traditionally hung on a wall, the impactful presentation of your favourite artwork leaning against a surface can be equally compelling.


3. Lighting Makeover: For your bedroom to stand out, you’ll need to replace the flush-fitted lights with statement lighting. Opt for statement lighting or a stunning chandelier. You want your light fixture to be attention-grabbing. The more dramatic it is, the better.

4. Indulge in feather-filled cushions: There’s an undeniable sense of luxury in indulging in plush, generously feather-filled cushions, such as duck or google feathers. They hold the power to elevate your bedroom from ordinary to a genuine sanctuary, reminiscent of the most opulent hotels.

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5. Make a statement with Headboards:  A tall or uniquely designed headboard not only serves as a visual focal point, but also adds texture, colour, and a sense of bespoke craftsmanship to the room. Also, opt for designs that feature rich materials such as velvet, leather, or tufted fabric to create a cohesive look that exudes luxury.

6. Bigger Bedside Tables: Rule number one for bedside tables, the bigger your bed is, the bigger the bedside tables should be. This helps to create balance in your bedroom, ensuring that proportional space is allocated to either side of the bed. 

7. Less is More: When upgrading your bedroom, ensure that adequate storage is taken into consideration. This could mean purchasing ottoman beds to store items underneath the beds. One should also invest in bedside tables (to hide hand creams, phones, iPad chargers etc); and vanity tables where jewellery and perfumes could be stored. General takeaway, clutter has an adverse effect on making bedrooms look luxurious.

Clutter Free Bedroom
(Image credit: Decorilla)

8. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Strategically placed mirrors add depth, reflect light, and make a space feel larger. Opt for a statement mirror or a gallery wall of smaller ones.

9. Window Treatment Magic: Ditch blinds for floor-to-ceiling drapes in a luxurious fabric like velvet or linen. Choose a neutral colour that complements your walls.

10. Embrace Rich, Sophisticated Colours: Choosing the right colour palette can dramatically enhance the luxury of a bedroom. Deep, rich hues e.g. emerald green, navy blue, and burgundy, as well as elegant neutrals such as taupe, charcoal, and ivory, can create a sophisticated and opulent atmosphere. These colours add depth and warmth, making the space feel more inviting and sumptuous. By carefully selecting and harmonising colours, you can transform a simple bedroom into a luxurious retreat.

(Image Credit: Dreams)
(Image Credit: Dreams)

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